QUICK GUIDE to download free app for people with sensory, cognitive and learning impairments.

Step by Step information [iOS process, Android may be slightly different]:

    • Go to either the Apple Store or Google Play Store and search for OpenAccess Tours app.
    • After downloading, open the Tours app, select One Life
    • Download your chosen access option with content of each translation access mode using WiFi only.
    • Access options include
      • Auslan (with captions)
      • Audio with Captions
      • Audio description
    • It is recommended to download the content prior to seeing the exhibition.
    • The access options are shown in the picture.
    • Once downloaded, you can now enjoy the exhibition.
    • Select ‘Nearby’ and scroll to select a story you would like to listen to or view.
    • When finished, go back to ‘Nearby’ and select another story
    • Enjoy the audio tour stories in accessible format.

For more information, go to openaccesstours.com.au