‘Item number one. I brought with me the only photograph I have of my 4 kids and myself. Taken on an access visit after the children were removed from my care. Due to lifestyle I’ve lost my personal belongings many times over. Just after this photo was taken I lost touch with my eldest daughter Naomi for 8 years.

Item number two. Fluff my teddy was sent to me for Mothers Day in 2006 by my third child Jayde. She has been my one constant through absolutely everything. History is now repeating itself with her, as she is going through her own court case, due to be sentenced.

Item number three. The crucifix that lay upon my Grandfather’s coffin. He died in Goulburn just before my incarceration. He meant the world to me, and I him. Due to being Catholic my mother was unable to throw it out. I got this object by default and I’m extremely proud to be the owner of it.

Item number 4. Lastly is a medallion also of my Grandfather’s, given on the 75th Anniversary of the Returned Services League. Commemorating 75 Years of Dedicated a Service to the Community.’

Anastacia – ex- prisoner

Charge – larceny

Life Today:

Proud Mother and Grandmother