The Himalayan salt lamp represents to me light and enlightenment and beauty and I find that very inspiring. The scarf represents to me, a wildness, like the wildness of nature and kind of hippy and free, which is a definite part of me. The Irish Worry Stone was given to me by a client, a dear dear person that I worked with for a long time. It represents to me handing things over to the care of God and the universe, and not to take yourself so seriously and that stone will be here for longer than all of us, so it gives a perspective that we are not here for not that long. My dog Yoda he is so in the moment, such a beautiful companion. If I’m thinking about something to serious, he can always bring me back to the moment and there is s lot of joy that get from him.’


After many years counselling the most marginalised in society Kate will soon be opening her own practise specialising in helping disadvantaged and disenfranchised women to overcome the effects of abuse , trauma, addiction and mental health issues. Kate began her career as a Senior Welfare Domestic Violence Officer, before working at a Manly women’s shelter as as intake and case Manager Intake Officer. This lead her to become a Specialist Psychologist for NSW Corrective Services.