‘These items are important to me because they are photos of my daughters and that was all that mattered when I was in prison. The first photo is Shannon’s fifth birthday, which was such a focal point for her and for me as a mum, and it was just after that that I left her. The other shot is of Sarah, as I remember her, when I left her, she was quite a little baby. I had them on my desk in prison for the whole time that I was there. They were quite different when I got out. They were quite young ladies when I was released, but they have been really important to me. And the handbag is something that the girls were walking past and saw one mothers day and they said they both agreed that they wanted to get that for me for mothers day, so it was quite poignant.’

Kerry Tucker – ex prisoner

Charge – Corporate Fraud

Life Today:

After spending nearly five years in Victoria’s maximum security prison for women, Kerry was released with her Master of Arts (commenced and completed during this period) and was successful in her Candidature for her Doctorate of which she expects to complete in early 2013. Her PhD is an extensive research and multi-publication of the study of women in prison as a community, from the perspective of a ‘participant/observer’ whilst providing an autobiographical narrative. Kerry’s PhD is also a performative memoir, a crafted script for a performance of comedy and narrative over a period of an hour. Her performance ‘Revlon & Razor Wire’ had its premier season in August 2011 at La Mama Courthouse Theatre in Carlton, Melbourne. Her five night season was a sell out each evening.

Kerry has been requested to conduct a series of Law and Media lectures at the Judicial College of Victoria and mid 2017 has been secured to host bus tours for all level court Judges around the Melbourne Prisons, advising them of procedures and how they affect sentences and outcomes.