‘My watch was a gift from my sister Katriina. She is my rock. We now live on opposite ends of our land but we will never be apart. The watch also signifies time. Time is precious, you can never regain time, you can’t go back. You can plan what to do with your time. You don’t want to waste any of your time. Time always happens. Sometimes we need downtime, alone time, ‘me’ time, family time, party time, ‘parent’s’ time, special time. Time is significant. Working for Corrective Services NSW reminded me how important time is. Time for a judged person’s sentence, time away from family. I decided to get time back in my life for my family and change our lives completely by moving away from Sydney and starting at a slower pace in Cairns. Time will tell if we have made the right decision.

My necklace was a gift from my team, the ASPU, my mob. They gave it to me on my last day of work for Corrective Services NSW. My best friend picked it out and she knew how much I would love it. I wear it like a medal. It is so shiny and that is my pride of the work that I achieved whilst working alongside all of you.

My commemorative plaque was presented to me from the Assistant Commissioner, one of the most brilliant men I have ever met in my life. I was honoured to represent Corrective Services NSW and for my work to be recognised. This job made me the woman I am today.

My sons Aden and Ethan are my world. I exist for them now. Life is challenging on most days as Ethan has Global Development Delay and he is frustrated without communication. I wish I could help him more. I am trying to. Aden is my other rock. He keeps me strong and stands strong by my side. One day he will stand in front of me. He is the best big brother ever. I love them both so much and I tell them all the time. I want to give them the world. I now can give them time.’

Principal Advisor for Women Offenders NSW Correctional Services
Aboriginal Liaison Officer NSW Correctional Services
Proud Mum of two lovely boys


‘My career with Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) started in 2009. My first few roles were working with Aboriginal people, as the Aboriginal Welfare Officer for Long Bay Correctional Complex and as the Project Officer for Aboriginal Programs in the Aboriginal Unit. It was in 2015 that I was given the opportunity to act in the Principal Advisor, Women Offenders role as a career development opportunity. I was the first Aboriginal woman in this role. It was a unique role that provided high level advice to the CSNSW Executive Team and the Minister’s Office. When a woman comes to gaol her whole life is affected and it’s stalled. She will lose her children, her home, her belongings, her community, her self-respect. At this point in her life she will be broken and need a lot of support for her complex needs and assistance to get ready to re-enter the community. My role was to ensure that the appropriate services and programs were being received by women in custody and on community corrections orders. I learnt so much during this period of my life. I am proud to have been in this role.’