‘This first picture is a tattoo of my daughter Emily, that died when I was in custody. The second picture is at the motion centre with my son, when we went to see the Canadian Hockey Game, about a year after I was released. The third picture was taken of me and my children when I was incarcerated in Australia one year after the loss of Emily. The fourth picture was taken with my daughter and I when we spend a day at the cottage, about a year and a half after I was released. The fifth picture was taken when I brought Emily and Casey to the Black Eyes Concert a year before I was incarcerated. The sixth picture is a photo of my son and I on the way to the Canadian hockey game in Montreal. The seventh photo, is of my son and I boating when he took me out on the day on the lake. The eight picture was taken at the correctional centre when my children came to visit, the ninth picture is a photo of my daughter Marissa and I just being picked up at the airport just after my release. The tenth picture if of me, Miranda and Page, a good friend of the children, the year after my release. I chose these photo because these are all special moments that I had with my children after I was released from prison and also the memories of my children coming to visit me at the correctional centre to encourage me after the loss of Emily.’

Sylvia – ex-prisoner

Charge – Drug Smuggling

Life today – Living with her family after being deported back to Canada after serving her sentence in Australia